Fabio Ciucci aka Randy of RamJam's :
Complete assembler coding course in two disks
"Corso completo di programmazione assembler in due dischi"

For Amiga 500, 500+, 600, 1200

(C) 2016 Fabio Randy Ciucci - Alessandro Trantor Sperinde' - Stefania Yuki Calcagno

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Welcome to the "Corso completo di programmazione assembler in due dischi" book Internet site, totally free and opensource, An Assembler course for Amiga which will teach you from the simple "Hello World" to the coding of complex 3D graphics routines realtime!
This book is the modern 2016 rendition in both versiones e-book and paper printed, of thw famous "Corso Completo di Programmazione Assembler in 2 Dischi per Amiga" originally distributed on floppy disk drives by the author in the 90's.

22 years after the original, the Complete Assembler Coding Course in two disks for Amiga has a new dress, and can be read and studied by everybody for free in E-Book version.
Motivations that let us did this remake are different but mainly we can provide two arguments:
- Let the passionates who wants to realize a Demo or a Game on the wonderful Amiga platform, to use a complete coding course of Assembler. Starting from "Hello World" to complex 3d graphics routines.
- To show the new generations how we were used to code in the time where the coder was most important than the CPU. To tell the passion that was inside the "demo scene" and that affected a whole generation of developers.

In the 2016 preface, Fabio Ciucci tell us how you can feel "supernatural" making astonishing effects with so few resources.
Stefania Calcagno tell us how the Ram Jam Amiga group was born, of the demo scene and about Fabio's spiritual testament for any Amiga user: Massive Killing Capacity.

Long life to Amiga and to Demo scene!

  • Fabio Ciucci aka Randy / Ram Jam : original ASCII course in floppy Diskis.
  • Alessandro Sperindè aka Trantor / Ram Jam : Proofreading, text update and paging of the 2016 version of the course.
  • Stefania Calcagno aka Yuki / Ram Jam : preface, lessons Assembling and snaphotting, Internet site, 2016 texts.
Thanks and Greetings:
  • European Society for Computer Preservation - ESoCoP for hosting and printing support
  • Giacomo "Jack Tory of Ram Jam" and Nicola Marigonda aka Hantarex of Ram Jam for gfx and support
  • Retroacademy, for the official book presentation at Rovigo Retrocomics.
  • All Ram Jam members, both still active or not!
  • Our Italian friends: Italian Bad Boys, Nightfall Crew, Hokuto Force, and all the other groups still active worldwide.
  • All the Ramjam fans, everyone who still sings songs from Teknomerda, everybody who ever appreciated us in the last 26 years!

Corso completo di assembler in due disch per Amiga 
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